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Social Justice Across the Curriculum

Social Justice has been chosen as an interdisciplinary theme at Saint Leo University. Social justice is the movement toward a more just world in which social injustice and unjust structures are eliminated so that life and community flourish.

In 2009-2010, the topics of the Genocide in Darfur and Human Trafficking were chosen as two areas to focus on.

It is hoped that this subject guide will give faculty and students a headstart in their research by providing links to background information and resources.

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Contents of this Guide

In this Guide you will find resources on Social Justice topics:



Child Soldiers

Corporate Social Responsibility

Freedom of Religion




Human Rights

Human Trafficking


   Children in Poverty




Catholic Social Justice

e-Reference Sources

Useful Websites

Explore Sociology

Do you find this topic interesting?

Consider a major in Sociology with a specialization in Diversity & Inequality 

Take all of the following:

SOC 331: Global Social Change & Development

SOC 334: Sex & Gender

SOC 343: The Social Ladder: Diversity and Inequality in America

SOC 350: Race & Ethnic Relations Specialization Credits: 12

Plus 9 elective credits (3 courses), at least one of which must be upper level. Elective Credits: 9 Total Credits: 36


A heightened understanding of the causes and consequences of social inequalities, and especially the ability to work with diverse populations, will prepare you to enter a wide variety of occupations, including: public relations specialist, human resources manager, case manager, program analyst, marketing/big data analyst, school counselor, military support specialist, diversity trainer, human rights organizer/analyst.

Find out more and go to this guide, Explore Sociology