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Saint Leo Community Memory Oral History Collection & Archive: Ruth Osburn

This guide contains a collection of oral histories and archival materials related to the history of Saint Leo University and its surrounding communities since its inception in the late 19th century.

Ruth Osburn

Ruth Elizabeth Osburn was born on July 30, 1916 in St Leo, Pasco Florida. Her mother, Edith Amanda Osburn, was born on October 8, 1892, in Berlinheight, Ohio. Her Father, Cornelius Wiley Osburn, was born on March 11, 1874 in Pasco County, Florida. Ruth’s grandfather, Jackson Andrew Osburn, was born November 14, 1848. His parents brought him to Pasco in 1853 and he was raised on the college farm, where he grew and raised his family. He had 11 children, and when St. Leo came into existence, he sent all his children to school there or to Holy Name Academy. We know that Ruth attended Holy Name Academy at least until the 8th grade. She was in 8th grade when Sr. Carmen and Sr. Caroline came as Novices. Ruth’s dad raised her and her siblings across the pasture (which is now the Abbey golf course). She lived in Dade City, one mile west of where she was raised, later moving to Zephyrhills. Ruth was married twice, first to Harold Brody in 1942, and later to Jesse Jones in 1959. Ruth died on June 9, 2003.

Information Sheet

1918, Cornelius Osburn Draft Card

1935 Pasco County Census

1959, Ruth Osburn's Second Marriage, Jesse Jones

1850 Jefferson County Census

1920 Census

1942, Osburn-Brody Marriage Application

1900 Census

1930 Census

1942, Ruth Osburn's First Marriage, Harold Brody