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Saint Leo Community Memory Oral History Collection & Archive: Saint Leo and Holy Name Academy International Students

This guide contains a collection of oral histories and archival materials related to the history of Saint Leo University and its surrounding communities since its inception in the late 19th century.

International Students over the Years

Saint Leo University prides itself on its commitment to serving international students. This is a tradition that has been in place since the very beginning of this institution in the late 19th century. Below are some of the international students who lived and studied at Saint Leo and Holy Name Academy.

Rosaria Villegas, Cuba, 1948-1952

Rosario Villegas: Cuban Student

Marian Penichet, Cuba 1900-1901

Anastasio & Luis Somoza 1936-1937. Not all Saint Leo stories have pleasant endings. These St. Leo students were brothers and would later become presidents and brutal dictators in their home country of Nicaragua. Standing 3rd from right & second from right

James Chow, Hong Kong, 1960

George Jumeau, Paris, France, 1920

Marcella Herrera, Panama, 1963