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Saint Leo Community Memory Oral History Collection & Archive: Census Records

This guide contains a collection of oral histories and archival materials related to the history of Saint Leo University and its surrounding communities since its inception in the late 19th century.

Data from Saint Leo Census Records

Data from Saint Leo Census Records

Saint Leo, FL Census 1910

The census record below is one page of a series showing the population recorded living at and around Saint Leo College in 1910. On the document the college is listed as "St. Leo's College." Among the interesting aspects of this page of the census is the largely German ancestry of the monks and brothers in residence. Of the 26 Benedictines listed, 15 were born in Germany, 10 list their occupation as "Teacher," 1 is listed as pastor of St. Anthony's, 3 are listed as cooks, 1 is a stable boss, 1 is listed as a farm boss, 5 are listed as farm laborers, 1 is a carpenter, 1 is a shoemaker. The Abbot is Rev. Charles Mohr who is listed as 'Head of the Family.' Also, there are families listed who were residents of the town of Saint Leo. 1) Joseph Carrigan, a 63 year-old white male widowed physician of Irish descent born in New Jersey. He lived with his 3 daughters and 1 son, 2) Harry West, a 27 year-old white single male fruit grower born in Pennsylvania. 3) Stella Bourbin, a 22 year-old single black female cook born in Florida, 4) Margaret Barry, a 24 year-old white single female Housekeeper born in Ireland 5) William Collins, a 34-year old white male born in Ireland with no listed occupation. His household includes a wife who was born in New Hampshire and a young daughter born in Florida, 6) Stewart Skinner, a 49 year-old white male farm superintendent born in New York, 7) Charley Brown, a 25 year-old white male farmer from New Jersey of Irish descent and his wife Florence from New York. 8) Samuel Ceasar, a 32 year-old married black farm laborer born in Florida and whose parents are also listed as being born in Florida. His occupation is listed as performing "odd jobs. Though he is listed as being married, no wife is listed on this page.  9) Dennis Alexander, a 60 year-old black farmer born in Florida. His occupation is listed as Laborer - General Work. There is no place of birth listed for either parent and, though he states he is married, no wife is listed on the page. 10) Willis Roberts, a 16 year-old single black laborer born in Florida and whose parents were also born in Florida. Occupation, laborer- odd jobs.  11) Evans McClane, a 25 year-old single black farm laborer born in South Carolina. 12) Enoch McCrae, a 21 year-old single black farm laborer born in Florida. 13) Dick Butts, a 23 year-old single black farm laborer born in Florida. 14) Henry Carnell, a 37 year-old white married stock trader from Georgia. He lists a wife and 2 children.

Lake Jovita Town Census, 1930

This census page shows several families living in the town of Lake Jovita. The town of Saint Leo temporarily took the name of Lake Jovita in an effort to attract more visitors and residents to the area. The families shown on this page include Pike, Hermann, Arnold, Rook, Cosby, Barthle, Jordan, Hill, Langdon, Labadie, Beguen and DesRosiers. It should be noted that there are only a few families listed on this particular census page because several of these families had many children, each taking his or her own line on the page. These large families include the Hermann's and the Barthle's, both families sent many children  to Saint Leo and Holy Name Academy over several generations.