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Lincoln's Cabinet: U.S. Civil War Reference Books

Political Science and Lincoln Junkies, rejoice! A treasure trove of information awaits you.

Spotlight on the Encyclopedia of the American Civil War

5 volumes are now in one!

The Encyclopedia of the American Civil War Fact Sheet

Read the Publisher's summary of this over 2700 page volume. Over 250 primary source documents!! Remember, you can use the student copier in the library as a scanner!

Spotlight on American National Biography

This set will leave you speechless! Look up all the cabinet members in this, and reap the rewards!


REF E441 - E628

There are very insightful reference works that have scholarly information about your cabinet member! The reference resources give you overviews of the time period, tell you where the letters/diaries are of a particular person, have facsimiles of primary sources in them, and more!!

New York Times Index and Microfilm