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Lincoln's Cabinet: Salmon P Chase

Political Science and Lincoln Junkies, rejoice! A treasure trove of information awaits you.


  1. Salmon P. Chase Papers
  2. Lincoln and Friends



Mr. Lincoln did not hold Chase's presidential ambitions against him. Illinois Republican Shelby M. Cullom wrote: "I was in Washington when the secret letter written by Senator [Samuel C.] Pomeroy, urging politicians to support the Chase candidacy, came out, and I was among those who urged that Chase be turned out of the Cabinet, and I so expressed myself to the President. He replied: 'Let him alone; he can do no more harm where he is than on the outside.'"5 When Chase offered to resign in the wake of the Pomeroy circular, President Lincoln wrote back: "I have known just as little of these things as my friends have allowed me to know. They bring the documents to me, but I do not read them; they tell me what they think to tell me, but I do not inquire for more. I fully concur with you that neither of us can be justly held responsible for what our respective friends may do without our instigation or countenance; and I assure you, as you have assured me, that no assault has been made upon you by my instigation, or with my countenance."6

Primary Sources by Chase

Sample Primary Resources Written to Chase

This is not a primary source by Chase, but to him from Pierce. It may, however, give insights into the kinds of information Chase was interested in by virtue of being included in this report.