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Lincoln's Cabinet: Congress during Lincoln

Political Science and Lincoln Junkies, rejoice! A treasure trove of information awaits you.


Book Chapters

Shelby M. Cullom, “Lincoln and His Relations with Congress,” in Nathan William MacChesney, editor, Abraham Lincoln: The Tribute of a Century, 1808-1909, p. 503..


Three Congresses met during the Lincoln administration: the Thirty-seventh, Thirty-eighth, and Thirty-ninth Congresses. Mr. Lincoln understood the mentality members of Congress from his one term there in 1847-1849. Several of those with whom he had served from Illinois played a continuing role in his life.

Sample Primary Resources

Sample Primary Sources

  1. Missouri Delegates in Congress to Abraham Lincoln, Tuesday, March 18, 1862 (Recommend O.H. Browning for Supreme Court)
  2. Abraham Lincoln to Congress, [January 5, 1864] (Payment of bounties)
  3. Lincoln to Congress regarding compensation to slave states.
  4. Joint Resolution Submitting 13th Amendment  to the States; signed by Abraham Lincoln and Congress
  5. Executive Order on July 17th Act of Congress on Insurrection, Treason and Rebellion, and Confiscation of Property
  6. Draft of message proposing compensation to slave states