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HON 499 Spring 2022 Professor Moon's Library Instruction (Dr. Duncan): Sarah M.

Topic in Brief

"My primary questions are:

What are the outcomes in the workplace related to students getting a degree from the Tapia College of Business at Saint Leo University?

What is the College of Business doing well to prepare students for the workforce?

What are the areas of opportunities for the College of Business to prepare students for the workforce?

My project will be done through a qualitative analysis. I will reach out to alumni, industry experts, and professors. The data will be gathered through surveys and interviews. In addition, supplemental research will be the backbone to my project by incorporating scholarly articles and research papers."

"I am looking for scholarly articles that are specifically for business schools which has been the hard part for me."

Hi Sarah,

My note for you is to search ProQuest. I did not see that database mentioned in your email. 


Library Catalog Search "business school" AND graduates AND success

SAGE Research Methods

Interactive Qualitative Analysis

By: Norvell Northcutt & Danny McCoyPublished: 2004


MethodsFocus groupsQualitative data analysisResearch questions

Information on Interviews

Library Catalog - "business schools" AND survey AND students

Business schools in transition? Issues of impact, legitimacy, capabilities and re‐invention

AuthorsHoward ThomasEric Cornuel


inJournal of Management Developmentv31 n4 (20120406): 329-335