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HON 499 Spring 2022 Professor Moon's Library Instruction (Dr. Duncan): Sara T.

Topic in Brief

"For my Senior Honors Project, I will be researching the effects that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the mental health of healthcare workers."


Here is the link to "P.0641 Mental health status of the intensive care unit healthcare workers in an university hospital at the beginning of COVID-19 pandemic":

Dear Sara,

Thank you for writing. I recommend searching in Science Direct. The above link takes you to a conference paper abstract I found there. You may wish to contact the authors for the full paper. Also 

click on the links in their References List. 


Articles (need to Request via Author)

Staff wellbeing and team morale during the Covid-19 pandemic at Birmingham children’s hospital

AuthorsNatasha Lee

Downloadable Article2021

in Archives of Disease in Childhood v106 n Suppl 1 (202110): A312


SummaryBackground : Covid-19 has significantly impacted the nations day-to-day life and inevitably affected the workplace too. The NHS has been under visible unprecedented stress and consequently staff have carried the burden. The general paediatricians at Birmingham Children’s Hospital wanted to understand how the medical staff felt they could be supported during this difficult time<br>Objectives : To assess the wellbeing and team morale amongst medical staff within the General Paediatrics team at Birmingham Children’s Hospital (BCH) during the Covid-19 pandemic and implement a new method to improve wellbeing and team morale.<br>Methods : A questionnaire was created and distributed to the medical staff working within the General Paediatrics team at BCH. Questions were formulated following research relating to existing staff wellbeing questionnaires and current literature regarding the effects of Covid-19 on mental health, wellbeing and team morale.