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HON 499 Spring 2022 Professor Moon's Library Instruction (Dr. Duncan): Rachael

Topic in Brief

"... my goal is to program an interactive biological simulation to teach important molecular biology techniques to users of various knowledge levels. My current objective right now is the first module, which will focus on cell culture. Once that module is complete, and if time permits, I will continue onto the next module focusing on molecular cloning."

Hi Rachael,

Do you have/want/need articles that may show the success of simulation to teach users who are unfamiliar with certain fields’ jargon/techniques?


These are the results (see link above) from a library catalog search of 

simulation AND “molecular biology.”





Library Catalog Search Simulation AND "molecular biology" AND teaching

Facilitating Molecular Biology Teaching by Using Augmented Reality (AR) and Protein Data Bank (PDB)

AuthorsParviz SafadelDavid White


inTechTrends : Linking Research and Practice to Improve LearningA publication of the Association for Educational Communications & Technologyv63 n2 (20190315): 188-193


SummarySpatial understanding of molecules in molecular biology provides a better understanding of molecules in isolation and relation to their next elements. Augmented reality (AR) has recently been developed as a computer interface that enables the users to see the real world with virtual objects superimposed on it. We report a method that shows the use of AR and data provided from protein data bank (PDB) to facilitate the teaching of macromolecules in biology. Users can easily convert the molecules structures obtained from PDB to a 3D format and use it with an AR application to study the molecules from different perspectives. A sample of 60 college students was assigned randomly to one of two conditions namely 2D and AR. At the end of the experiment, participants completed a comprehensive test and then a satisfaction questionnaire. The results of the study showed a significant difference between 2D and AR in satisfaction, the media usability, perception, and apprehension.

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