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HON 499 Spring 2022 Professor Moon's Library Instruction (Dr. Duncan): Jonathan

Topic in Brief

"I will attempt to train an artificial intelligence to solve complex sudoku puzzles that require Set-Equivalence Theory to logically break into the puzzle. This technique requires finding geometric patterns/equivalences to link two seemingly unrelated group of cells that must include the same digits, something most computer solvers do not care about. "

"As for needing sources, the only sources I may need, aside from a couple that deal with the basics of set theory and sudoku, are about artificial intelligence/neural networks/genetic algorithms."

I went to ProQuest database to look around a bit. My search terms were:

"neural networks" AND "artificial Intelligence" AND sudoku AND "Genetic algorithms"

and I limited the results to full-text and peer-reviewed (most times this


Here are the 19 results:


Library Catalog Search "set theory" AND sudoku

ProQuest results for "sudoku puzzles" AND "artificial intelligence"

Science Direct sudoku AND "neural network"

  1. Research articleFull text access

    All-optical Sudoku solver with photonic spiking neural network

    Optics Communications30 April 2021

    1. Shuang Gao
    2. Shuiying Xiang
    3. Yue Hao
  2. 2

    Research articleFull text access

    Set selection dynamical system neural networks with partial memories, with applications to Sudoku and KenKen puzzles

    Neural NetworksAugust 2015

    1. B. Boreland
    2. G. Clement
    3. H. Kunze
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  4. 3

    Research articleFull text access

    Spatial mapping of disordered 2D systems: The conductance Sudoku

    Carbon4 December 2021

    1. S. Mukim
    2. C. Lewenkopf
    3. M. S. Ferreira
  5. 4

    Research articleFull text access

    Sudoku associative memory

    Neural NetworksSeptember 2014

    1. Jiann-Ming Wu
    2. Pei-Hsun Hsu
    3. Cheng-Yuan Liou
  6. 5

    Research articleFull text access

    Combining Hopfield neural networks, with applications to grid-based mathematics puzzles

    Neural Networks18 June 2019

    1. M. Fitzsimmons
    2. H. Kunze