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HON 499 Spring 2022 Professor Moon's Library Instruction (Dr. Duncan): Reid

Topic in Brief

"I plan to conduct a screening of natural compounds from NCI library to detect anti-amyloid activity. This requires me to write a research paper with a review of current literature on Alzheimer’s Disease and the Amyloid Cascade Hypothesis."

"I would appreciate any advice you have on how work smarter, not harder, when searching for sources. Wading through outdated and irrelevant articles has been a huge time sink for me...."

Hi Reid,

I would say the one database I would add is SAGE Journals. The articles with the open green lock symbol are available full-text. If you see something not full-text but potentially helpful to you, then submit an Interlibrary Loan Article Request.


SAGE Journals - "anti-amyloid" AND "natural compounds"

Library Catalog - alzheimer's AND "amyloid cascade hypothesis" AND "natural compound"

Library Catalog Search Alzheimer's AND "amyloid cascade hypothesis"

Science Direct "natural compounds" AND alzheimer's AND NCI