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PSY 523: Classroom Management: Ethics and Diversity in the Classroom: Module 5

SAINT LEO UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF ARTS & SCIENCES Classroom Management: Ethics and Diversity in the Classroom

College Plagiarism

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Academic Honesty Policy


As members of an academic community that places a high value on truth and the pursuit of knowledge, Saint Leo University students are expected to be honest in every phase of their academic life and to present as their own work only that which is genuinely theirs. Unless otherwise specified by the professor, students must complete homework assignments by themselves (or if on a team assignment, with only their team members). If they receive outside assistance of any kind, they are expected to cite the source and indicate the extent of the assistance. Each student has the responsibility to maintain the highest standards of academic integrity and to refrain from cheating, plagiarism, or any other form of academic dishonesty as well as reporting any observed instance of academic dishonesty to a faculty member.

Readings for this Module

  • Article by Awdry, R., & Sarre, R. (2013). An investigation into plagiarism motivations and prevention techniques: Can they be appropriately aligned? International Journal for Educational Integrity9(2), 35–49. 
  • Article by Greenberger, S., Holbeck, R., Steele, J., & Dyer, T. (2016). Plagiarism Due to Misunderstanding: Online Instructor Perceptions. Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching & Learning16(6), 72–84. 
  • Article by Jereb, E., Urh, M., Jerebic, J., & Šprajc, P. (2018). Gender differences and the awareness of plagiarism in higher education. Social Psychology of Education21(2), 409–426.

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