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PSY 523: Classroom Management: Ethics and Diversity in the Classroom: Module 3

SAINT LEO UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF ARTS & SCIENCES Classroom Management: Ethics and Diversity in the Classroom

More Time to Teach

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Readings for Module 3

  • Article by Ali, A., & Gracey, D. (2013). Dealing with student disruptive behavior in the classroom -- A case example of the coordination between faculty and Assistant Dean for Academics. Issues in Informing Science & Information Technology10, 1–15.
  • Article by Carter, S. L., & Punyanunt-Carter, N. M. (2009). College students’ perceptions of treatment acceptability of how college professors deal with disruptive talking in the classroom. College Student Journal43(1), 56–58.
  • Article by Hernández, T. J., & Fister, D. L. (2001). Dealing with disruptive and emotional college students: A systems model. Journal of College Counseling4(1), 49-62. 

Narrowing Your Topic