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English 121: Guide

Modules for each section of English 121

Goals for Module 1 - Active Reading & Multimodal Text

  1. Introduction to Active/Rhetorical Reading
  2. Definition of a Multimodal Text
  3. In this module, students will design and create a multimodal artifact (brochure, book mark, poster, flyer, to illustrate the concept of Active Reading to their classmates. They will then annotate the designed document explaining the design choices they made to create it.

Multimodal Examples

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Mitri, Daniele Di, et al. “From Signals to Knowledge: A Conceptual Model for Multimodal Learning Analytics.” Journal of Computer Assisted Learning, vol. 34, no. 4, 2018, pp. 338–49. Wiley Online Library,

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Module content

Active Reading


Active Reading is reading with determination to understand the text, not to finish reading the text, so it is about engaging with the text, almost having a conversation with it in order to absorb the content. That “conversation” between the reader and the text takes place not only during reading but also before and after reading the text.


There are multiple advantages to reading actively:

  1. More efficient study time
  2. More efficient reading time
  3. Improved retention and absorbing of material
  4. Improved concentration while reading
  5. Improved writing skills


  • Annotating the text
  • Outlining the text
  • Questioning the text
  • Slowing down, pausing to review
  • Previewing the text
  • Looking up definitions of words