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English 121: Guide: Welcome!

Modules for each section of English 121

Welcome to English 121

Welcome to the LibGuide!

Dear Readers and Writers, you will encounter a LibGuide in each Module of our course. The LibGuide will serve two primary purposes: it will introduce you to the focused information for the particular module, providing essential content necessary for your understanding of the material, and it will also take you to our Library, so that you can explore all the resources available to you as the student and make you more versed in utilizing what the Library has to offer, as you work not only on this course, but also any course you are enrolled in. While working on content required for this class, you may get inspired to search for sources or ideas for another course, so please, enjoy this one-step environment for all your academic endeavors.

Need Help With This Guide?

If you have any issues with this guide please contact Amy Harris at the library.Help is Here graphic 

Online Citation Support

Online Citation Support