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English 121: Guide

Modules for each section of English 121

Goals for Module 2 - Rhetorical Analysis

  1. Introduction to Lloyd Bitzer, his definition of Rhetorical Situation, its 3 Elements
  2. Introduction to Rhetorical Appeals/Rhetorical Triangle
  3. Demonstration of Rhetorical Situation (Exigence, Audience, Constraints) on the example of Owen's "Dulce et Decorum Est"
  4. For this module, students choose a text from the reading list of various essays and compose a document in which they perform a rhetorical analysis of that reading/essay. In their analysis they do not just name and define the elements of the Rhetorical Situation, but also describe how each element functions within their chosen text.

Bitzer's Rhetorical Situation

The Rhetorical Triangle

What is Plagiarism?