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Library Policies: Event and Meeting Space

Library Policies

Group Presentation Areas for events and meetings

The library can host student and faculty events and meetings. Please contact "Jay" at for details on how to reserve the following areas for an event, meeting, or conference.

  1. Browsing area by the journals (good for larger presentations, and events) Can seat up to 80.
  2. Library outside patio (good for open mic night, poetry readings, yoga, and jam sessions). Can seat 20-30.
  3. CCIC1, CCIC2, Southard Room and ITeach. Good for medium sized groups of 15-30. CCIC1 is a very flexible space and table and chairs can be easily moved to accommodate various functions.
  4. The lounge area in the basement can hold 8-10 people. Good for small group studying, yoga, and meditation.

All spaces in the library must be reserved in advance, and any media (TVs, microphones, podium, projector, etc. may also need to be booked separately. The library cannot book spaces on the same day as the event or meeting. Please contact the library with the request and details of the meeting or event at least 2 weeks in advance. Questions? Call (352) 588-8258.