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Library Policies


During finals, please respect the need for QUIET. Studying in the library at this time is to be done at a whisper.


Library users are expected to conform to conduct acceptable in a library research setting. 

Usage of library spaces shall be consistent with mission of Saint Leo University, and the library.

The policies described here have been instituted to maintain the highest degree of professionalism for and with our users.

Daniel A. Cannon Memorial Library provides the highest quality resources and services to meet the research and information needs of our learning community.

Food & Drink

Florida is a very warm and humid climate, which means there are a lot of critters outside; we would prefer they not be enticed inside by food or sugary drinks.

The library offers free coffee and tea; please put a lid on these items and report spills immediately.

  • Non-alcoholic beverages are welcome in the library, as long as there is a lid on the container; small snacks are permissible, such as hard candy, gum, nuts, etc; anything larger than that should be eaten in the basement lounge or on the patio.
  • Your lunch, dinner or snack may be eaten in the Paw Prints lounge in the basement, if it is not messy or greasy; messy or greasy food (i.e., food that is greasy, sticky, or crumbly) should be eaten out on the patio.
  • Keep all food and drink away from keyboards, mice, monitors, books, journals and magazines, and other library materials.
  • Dispose of trash in trash cans and use available blue recycling bins for paper.
  • Group events and large quantities of food are not permitted in the library, except by prior arrangement and permission in relation to a sponsored academic event.
  • Food deliveries are not permitted and will be turned away.
  •  “No Fault” policy: report spills immediately so we can ensure that damaged equipment, materials, furniture or carpeting is properly treated and there is appropriate clean-up.

Thank you for your help and cooperation in making this policy a success.

Policy revision September 2019

 The library reserves the right to enforce and/or amend these policies and to further limit food and drink in the library as needed to ensure the safety and protection of the students, staff, building, materials and facilities. The library also retains the right to ask a person to leave if they are breaking the rules.