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Ed.D Program: Search hints

When searching for an article

When searching for an ARTICLE:

  • Select the database most likely to contain good results
  • Re-do the search in at least 2 databases if you do not get good results in the first one
  • Try searching from the library homepage -- but be aware that some databases will never "bubble up"

SAMPLE good search:

  • "dropout prevention" AND "middle school"

SAMPLE bad search:

  • Do dropout prevention programs in middle school reduce dropout rates?


The "bad search" is actually your research question. It has all the key words, but won't return good search results. Use "keyword searching" instead of questions.

When searching for dissertations on similar topics

As you prepare to select a topic and write the literature review, you will want to spend some time looking at what has already been researched and has already added to "the body of knowledge".  A good place for that is in UMI/ProQuest Dissertations.


  • Use the Advanced Search
  • Avoid Complete sentences
  • Use "keyword" searching
  • Call or email for help (800) 359-5945;