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Ed.D Program: What can library faculty help you with?

The Role of the Library in your Dissertation

The library is not simply a building staffed by dedicated faculty and staff; it is a place for you to get support and assistance.

Research Consultations (by appointment)

  • Brainstorming Ideas
  • Search strategies for locating resources
  • Targeted search assistance


  • Research Retreats
  • Writing "boot camp"
    • APA basics and Zotero citation tool
  • Online 30-60 minute seminars/consultations to support you

Interlibrary Loan services (ILL)

  • Articles
  • Books/book chapters

Writing Support (by appointment)

  • Organization of your writing
  • Clarity and Focus
  • Transitional Sentences
  • APA formatting


What to expect when starting this journey

You will need a support network. It will need to consist of family, friends, and other doctoral students. When you get discouraged, reach out. The dissertation process can feel very isolating. Having a strong network can help you stay committed.

1. Understand the expectations of your dissertation Chair and committee
2: Identify your research question(s)
3: Develop a methodology or methodological framework
4: SEARCH for articles, dissertations, books, ebooks, reports, etc. that you can use as part of your Literature Review
5: Does your research idea add in some way to the "Body of Knowledge"? Where does it fit into the field? This is going to be your area of expertise.
6: Write the dissertation proposal
7: Create a work plan and timeline as part of your proposal presentation
8: Obtain approval from your committee to proceed
9:  Obtain IRB permission
10: Conducting your research/collect data;
11: Analyze data
11: Write up the results
12: Include tables, illustrations, figures, graphics, etc. as needed
13: Reviewing, and revise; submit chapters as you make progress
14: Creating defense draft and defending dissertation
15: Write the abstract
16: Finalize all required revisions
17: Submit and defend dissertation  
18: Submit for publication to UMI