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Intro to Statistical Tools: Home


Statistical Software

Quantitative research by definition analyzes measurable data with the use of statistics.  Statistics can be calculated using software programs.  Along with SPSS, which is available on campus computers, there are other software programs that are free to download.

Free Statistical Software Programs


University Librarian

Sage Research Methods

Determining Need

Visualizing Data

There are times when visualizing your data may possibly be a better way to represent the results.  Here are some free options available that you can use.


KyPlot 6.0  KyPlot is a software package for data analysis and visualization.  Windows only.

JAMOVI  is designed to be easy to use and is an alternative to costly statistical products such as SPSS and SAS. Built on top of the R statistical language and it will always be open and free.  Made for the scientific community, by the scientific community.

Jamovi User Guide