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POL 499: Senior Seminar [Winston Churchill]: Biographies

Senior Seminar in Political Science

Churchill: Visionary, Statesman, & Historian

The Wilderness Years

MiniBio. - Churchill's Life in Four Minutes


Quick Facts

  • NAME: Winston Churchill
  • OCCUPATION: Prime Minister, Journalist
  • BIRTH DATE: November 30, 1874
  • DEATH DATE: January 24, 1965
  • EDUCATION: St. George's School, Brunswick School, Harrow School, Royal Military College (Academy) at Sandhurst
  • PLACE OF BIRTH: Blenheim Palace, Woodstock, England
  • PLACE OF DEATH: Hyde Park Gate, London, England
  • Full Name: Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill
  • AKA: Winston Churchll
  • Nicknae: Winnie

Warlords -- History Channel

WARLORDS What delusions drove Stalin to sign a pact with Hitler, his ideological enemy? How did Roosevelt boost Churchill’s resolve early in the war, without committing U.S. troops? Why did Churchill argue so vehemently for a southern invasion of Europe, and why did his two allies refuse? And why did Roosevelt trust Stalin more than he did Churchill? Using the leaders’ own words—as well as the personal recollections and private diaries of their most intimate advisors—Warlords provides surprising answers to these provocative questions. The four warlords emerge as fascinating, flawed, and fully human.

Martin Gilbert - Biography

    Renowned historian Sir Martin Gilbert, Churchill's official biographer, hosts the definitive chronicle of the life of Britain's legendary leader, THE COMPLETE CHURCHILL. In four remarkable volumes, the triumphs and setbacks, bravery and brilliance of Churchill's life are revisited. An extraordinary fusion of candid interviews, newsreel footage, and new findings released here for the very first time unveil the intimate details and defining moments of the greatest statesmen of the 20th century. See rare footage of a slender, young Churchill as he first captures Britain's attention, and see why he was forced out of public office. Yet his words would remain in the hearts of his countrymen, and as the nation faced its darkest hour, Churchill was chosen to lead the charge against the Nazis. Trace the incredible story of his wartime exploits, and discover how the great statesmen spent his days after the war