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POL 499: Senior Seminar [Winston Churchill]: Winston Churchill

Senior Seminar in Political Science

Why Study Winston Churchill?

Members of the Churchill family and the Churchill Centre answer the question "What makes Winston Churchill relevant in the 21st century?

Flipping the Classroom

The concept of "flipping the classroom" requires that the students bring basic information to class, generously share that information with other students, and work collectively and collegially  to connect significant facts, define general ideas, and evaluate personal beliefs and opinions in the light of an increasing understanding.  It is therefore expected that each and every student will come prepared for class by researching the assigned topic, viewing relevant video clips, and reading the assigned texts beforehand. 

The task of the instructor is to orchestrate the class to insure that each student is equitably provided with an opportunity to contribute, that discussion concentrates on integrating the material supplied by the students, and that the higher level skills of critical thinking are brought into play.  In short, the course instructor acts as "a guide on the side" rather than "the sage on the stage". Moreover, in a "flipped" classroom instruction in process takes precedent over delivery of content.  Considerable time is given to thinking about how information is collected, sorted, evaluated, and usefully applied, so that the students leave the classroom carrying with them the necessary skills for life-long learning.  Assignments are frequent and vary in kind and intensity; instructor feedback, both verbal and written, is constant; and monitored peer evaluations are to be expected.

Subject Guide