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Recommended Websites: Computers & The Internet

Computers & the Internet


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Hi-Tech Hilights

Computer and Internet Journals on the Internet

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Programming, Software and Hardware Links

Handhelds, Smartphones, and Wireless Technology

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Computer and Network Security

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  • Weblogs on resources, tips, how-to's, commentaries, and ideas on technology, computers, gadgets, the internet, software, hardware and all things digital
  • AnandTech Web Blog: A blog for hardware analysis and news. It is updated regularly and XML-enabled
  • Anita Borg Institute: ABI has developed tools and programs designed to help industry, academia, and government recruit, retain, and develop women technology leaders
  • Aging In Place Technology WatchResearch firm that has blog information on technology information for boomers and seniors to remain connected through means of technology
  • BoomerTechTalk: Created to fill the void for the average person who finds modern technology & the internet overwhelming. It's for those who want to join the tech generation, but are baffled by its apparent intricacies
  • Channel 9: Interesting blogs, videos, and commentaries on emerging technology, apps, events and more
  • GigaOm: Some news, but mostly analysis of newest happenings in the tech world
  • SANS Institute: Blogs on computer forensics, security awareness, cloud security, penetration testing, software security, and more
  • Shebytes: Female professional blogger and tech entrepreneur. The "IT" blog includes emerging technologies and how they can improve your lifestyle 
  • TeensinTech: Provides tools and resources to young entrepreneurs to help promote entrepreneurship at any age
  • Tony Bradley's blog about computer and network security, information technology, and communications
  • TheUnofficial Apple Weblog: A great resource for all things Apple and beyond featuring news stories, credible rumors, and how-to's
  • VentureBeat: News about various startups, new ideas, exciting products, and technology company news from gaming technology to political technology
  • The Whiteboard Blog: Supporting Technology in the Classroom: Posts include various videos, tutorials, and resources for primary and secondary school teachers

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