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Government Resources Online


State of Florida

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State of Georgia 

  • Georgia Gov online access to Georgia government
  • Georgia State Legislature The House of Representatives has 180 members and the Senate has 56. Two-year terms of office apply to both houses, and the entire membership of each body is elected at the same time
  • Georgia State Statutes: Searchable index of the State of Georgia Legislature

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State of Texas

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State of Virginia

  • Virginia eGovernment government information and resources on the web, including tourist informaiton, living wills, and contacts.
  • Virginia codes and laws the Code of Virginia and the Administrative Code - each are searchable, along with information about the Virginia General Assembly and the ability to track current/pending bills (laws) online.
  • Virginia Libraries and Archives Links for U.S. Government, public and university libraries in Virginia. 
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United States Government

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