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MBA 565: Marketing (Jones, 2022 Spring)

Libraries as Place

Academic Libraries

  • There is a profound difference between a space in which library users are engaged in social activity and a space in which they are engaged in communal activity. Social activity in a library involves conversation and discussion among people, about either the work at hand or more trivial matters. Communal activity in a library involves seeing and being seen quietly engaged in study
  • Learning spaces should be functional, adaptable, accessible, varied, interactive, conductive, environmentally suitable, safe and secure, efficient and suitable for information technology.

User Expectations

  • Collections
  • Resources
  • Friendly employees; diversity of collections and staff (including student workers)
  • Individual and group study Spaces
  • Presentation space/class areas
  • Communal space for social and recreational activities
  • Ability to make learning "visible"
  • Natural Light and feeling of safety


  • Increase Brand Identity with Students and Faculty
  • Increase foot traffic to library
  • Identify best practices for this library's social media presence


  • Examine current marketing
  • Identify Target audiences, and best choice apps for social media marketing
  • Develop a Marketing SWOT analysis
  • Work with library employees to create better/stronger social media marketing messages for all target populations
  • Create 1-2 targeted campaigns, launch campaigns
  • Evaluate campaigns