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MBA 501 Online (2022): Management Essentials: APA/Zotero

This guide is designed to help MBA 501 students in the online course.


  1. Go to and signup for a free account.
  2. Download Zotero Connector (Chrome or Firefox only)
  3. Download and install Zotero on your computer
  4. Open Zotero preferences and sign in to sync your account
  5. Open Zotero preferences ->Citation ->Word Processor and install Word Plugin
  6. Exit Both (completely close MS Word and Zotero) The open Word and Zotero.
  7. Begin "Zoteroing"!

Zotero Video Playlist

APA Resources

APA 7th Edition Saint Leo University Page

This page has everything you need to know about creating APA citations, links to examples, and more.  

Academic Writer Tutorial by HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Step-by-step directions for the most common APA citations.  

APA Headings