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REL 123/223 - McCuistion - Build A Paper: Step 4 - Paper/Presentation

Resources to help students build the four-part paper for Dr. McCuistion.

Requirements for Paper

Paper or Presentation

  1. Paper
    1. The paper is the skillful completion of the research, developed thesis and outline
    2. A superior paper has two major components:
      1. Research from the assigned types of resources (see below)
      2. Interaction with the research, showing how it supports, defends, or counters the thesis statement
      3. Rule of thumb with using research
        1. Quote as little as possible; only when rewording does not do the material justice
        2. Do not use long quotes (over one sentence) as the paper is too short
        3. Summarize longer sections of the research showing that the content is understood and applies to the research project
        4. When you quote, you show me you’ve found an idea. When you summarize, you show you understand a concept.

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