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REL 123/223 - McCuistion - Build A Paper: Step 3

Resources to help students build the four-part paper for Dr. McCuistion.

Instructions for Outline


  1. The outline is the backbone of the paper
  2. The main levels of the outline will reflect the two to four theological questions that were developed out of the thesis; there are no exceptions to this
  3. A minimum of two levels is required for the outline; three is better
  4. #3 in Build-a-Paper Project description in this syllabus is a 2 level paper; #2 is a 3 level paper
  5. Please use Microsoft Word’s multi-level numbering for your outline
    1. Use any format offered as long as it uses numbers and/or letters
    2. Do not use the outlines with symbols

Video - How to Create an Outline