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REL 123/223 - McCuistion - Build A Paper: Home

Resources to help students build the four-part paper for Dr. McCuistion.

Library Instruction Objectives

  1.  Formulate search using keywords, natural language & controlled language (subject headings) appropriately
    • (performance indicator: students' search words while searching)
  2. Demonstrate proficiency using at least one academic database to locate a scholarly article
    • (performance indicator: library research hands-on activity)
  3. Create an MLA-style citation for an article
    • (performance indicator: librarian demonstration and library research guide activity

MLA Citation Style

Picture MLA Handbook 8th Edition 


There are many places to get help with MLA style:

Purdue OWL - online writing lab

SLU Writing Help - writing & research support

MLA Template - created for SLU students

Sample MLA papers - examples from MLA

REL 123 - Christian Spiritual Formation

Christian Spiritual Formation Project: Build-a-Paper Topics

Choose one topic from the following:

  • The role of reason within theology as it seeks to deepen its understanding of the mysteries of faith
  • The revelation of the nature of God from one (and only one) the following:
    • Natural revelation through creation
    • Written revelation and the development of the NT Canon
  • The church as the sacramental presence of Jesus in the World
  • The concept of real presence in the Eucharist
  • The historical development of the Christian doctrine of the Trinity from the New Testament Church to the Nicene Creed

REL 223 - World Religions

World Religions Build-a-Paper Project: Nostra Aetate Paper:

This involves the combination of reading, research, and critical thinking with the added emphasis of expressing these in writing. The assignment is to write a commentary on Nostra Aetate expressing thoughts on the meaning and intentions of the document.

world symbols