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Bridge Program: Courses and Resources: SLU 105: Intro to Academic Culture

This Libguide includes the online resources used in the Bridge program courses. The resources are organized by course and project.

SLU 105: Intro to Academic Culture and University Life

Course Syllabus

COurse Dsecription

This course is intended for international students who are entering a U.S. college. It focuses on improving international students’ cross-cultural competence and granting opportunities for analyzing complex social, moral, and academic issues that students will have to face while in the U.S. In addition it provides tools and strategies for students to analyze their own culture and compare it with new ones. As students learn more about themselves and others, the risk of cultural conflict and culture shock are decreased. This course is open only to international students. 

Project Resources: Global Leaders Community Project Proposal

Project Resources: Cross-Cultural Interview

Additional Resources

Video Resources