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Bridge Program: Courses and Resources: SLU 110: Bridge Academic Lab I

This Libguide includes the online resources used in the Bridge program courses. The resources are organized by course and project.

SLU 110: Bridge Academic Lab I

Course Syllabus

Learning Brain

This course is designed to support the academic development of Bridge students through providing opportunities for: (1) early and structured introduction to Saint Leo Campus and academic resources, (2) development of academic speaking and presentation skills, and (3) guided reflection on their language acquisition process and academic skills development. Emphasis is on using information resources for academic purposes and presenting results orally and/or in writing. During the semester, the students will engage in learning activities designed to facilitate their access to various academic resources and their active use of these resources. They will also develop a course portfolio, compiling a collection of assignments from the Bridge classes they take during the semester and presenting these assignments to the instructor of the learning lab in the context of their overall academic and language progress.

This course serves as a supporting course for ENG 120.

Project Resources: Culture Shock

Project Resources: Finding Information on Campus

Project Resources: Academic Integrity Interview Project

Applications for Pronunciation and Reading/Comprehension Practice

Culture Shock Video 1

Culture Shock Video 2

Culture Shock Video 3