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Bridge Program: Courses and Resources: SLU 112: Bridge Academic Lab II

This Libguide includes the online resources used in the Bridge program courses. The resources are organized by course and project.

SLU 112: Bridge Academic Learning Lab II

Course Syllabus

Course Description

This project-based course is designed to support the academic development of Bridge students. While working on writing projects, the students will have the opportunities for: (1) active use of Saint Leo Campus and online resources for academic purposes, (2) further development of academic writing and research skills, and (3) engaging in guided reflection on their language acquisition process and academic skills development. They will also develop a course portfolio, compiling a collection of assignments from their Bridge and University Explorations courses and presenting these assignments to the instructor of the learning lab in the context of their overall academic and language progress.

This course serves as a supporting course for ENG 118; during the semester, grammar, punctuation, and language related points addressed in ENG 118 will be referenced and practiced.


Successful completion of SLU: 110 Bridge Learning Lab I or Bridge Fast Track placement

Entry Proficiency Level - intermediate: Level 4: Expanding (TESOL Pre-K-12 English Language Proficiency Standards – Framework)

Goal Exit Level – high intermediate: Level 5: Bridging (TESOL Pre-K-12 English Language Proficiency Standards – Framework)

Reports on University Events: Assignment Resources

University Events Reports

Article Summaries: Assignment Resources

Information Reliability: Assignment Resources

Researched Essays: Assignment Resources

Your Writing Tools

Tools for support of the writing process. 

Project Video Materials: Essay Writing

Project Video Materials: Essay Writing

Project Video Materials: MLK Parade

Project Video Materials: International Women's Day