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IDS 300: The Happiness Class: Module 8: Summation

An interdisciplinary study of the social, psychological, theological, and artistic responses to human happiness and joy, this course explores what it means to flourish. In the course of this study, we will particularly contemplate the role of creativity,

In conclusion,


Final Project: Spread the Joy! – 120 points – Due in Final Exam Period (December 10, 10:10-12:10)

This is a two-part project consisting of a written assignment and a presentation.

The Written Assignment: Imagine that you are required to become a happiness coach or life coach as part of your requirements for this course. Someone you know has hired you to with the purpose of becoming happier  and/or leading a more fulfilling life. Design a happiness project for someone to follow with the purpose of maintaining or sustaining and/or increasing their happiness levels. Take into consideration financial needs of  both the individual and anything you propose to increase their happiness levels.

Your neat, stapled paper should be 5-7 typed pages. Your paper should include at least 1 scholarly resource  which appears on a Works Cited page. Each of the resources you list on the Works Cited page must be cited in the body of your text at least once. Use the MLA style manual and turn in a hard copy of your paper.

Questions that must be addressed in the project:

 1. Help the individual or yourself understand the nature of a “good life” or a fulfilling, flourishing happy life. Develop a meaningful philosophy of a flourishing life. Include information from our discussions of  money and happiness; books, readings from antiquity that you read in class, films, and any other ideas garnered from our discussion of happiness boosting strategies.

2. What are key elements of your client’s life that you would want to change? Why? What are the barriers that need to be removed in order to flourish more? What is the background of the individual who has hired you? What is their story? Why do they appear to be unsatisfied with life? Identify the problems that you perceive which leads to unhappiness or dissatisfaction. What is it about the actions of the person, yourself, or the people or institution which lead to unhappiness?

3. What happiness strategies will you use? Why do you think these will be successful for this person to improve their sense of fulfillment or help them to flourish? What problems do you anticipate for your client? How will you address them? What seems easy? What seems difficult?

The Presentation: Your presentation of this paper should creatively present their selected topic to the class. The presentation will be about 20 minutes in length. You will creatively and actively present the findings / plans /changes, description of happiness/ the good life. Try to allow us to experience the ideas / strategies as much as possible.

  • The presentation will include:

    • An introduction

    • Specific learning goals

    • Visual

    • Handout to help the class

    • Instructional methods (in addition to lecture)

    • Some type of review.

What Really Matters at the End of Life