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IDS 300: The Happiness Class: Home

An interdisciplinary study of the social, psychological, theological, and artistic responses to human happiness and joy, this course explores what it means to flourish. In the course of this study, we will particularly contemplate the role of creativity,

The Happiness Class

Contact Us

Dr. Karen Bryant

Office: St. Edward Hall 230             

Office Hours: Monday 11:00-2:00, TR 8:00-9:20, TR 3:30-4:00 or by appointment.

Telephone and Voicemail: 352-588-7385



Dr. Randall Woodard     

Office: DeChantal 113

Office hours: Monday 9:00-11:00, Tuesday 9-11:00 and Wednesday 9-11:00 or by appointment  

Telephone and voicemail: (352) 588-8239


Syllabus, Calendar, and Assignments