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IDS 300: The Happiness Class: Module 4: Work & Vocation

An interdisciplinary study of the social, psychological, theological, and artistic responses to human happiness and joy, this course explores what it means to flourish. In the course of this study, we will particularly contemplate the role of creativity,

Happiness and Work


Response Paper 4 – Guest Speaker: Dr. Tyson Anderson – Due in Class on October 1


Research Paper: Philosophical Approaches to Happiness – 100 points – Due in Class on October 6

This research paper adopts one of the philosophical approaches to happiness discussed in class and demonstrates knowledge of that philosophy, its assumptions and tenets and specific ideas about happiness and the good life. Your neat, stapled paper should be 5-7 typed pages, it should include at least 4 scholarly resources which appear on a Works Cited page, and each of the resources you list on the Works Cited page must be cited in the body of your text at least once. Use the MLA style manual and turn in a hard copy of your paper.


Response Paper 5 – Guest Speaker: Liddell and Battista – Due in Class on October 8


Journal Entry 4 – Work & Vocation – Due in Class on October 13

Sayers, “Why Work?” 191-195

Percy, “To Be of Use,” 199



TED: The Happy Secret to Better Work

TED: What Makes Us Feel Good About Our Work?

What Great Philosophers Can Teach Us About How to Live: Alain de Botton (2000)

Navajo Sacred Spirit Wishes of Happiness and Prosperity