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CRJ 500: International Sex Trafficking of Women & Children: Reaction Paper


PDF of movie Questions for Human Trafficking

Reaction Paper to DVD Human Trafficking

During the class you will see a DVD titled Human Trafficking. By August 1, 2013 you must submit, in writing, your answers to the following questions. 

        1. Which countries did the sex trafficking victims come from?
        2. What methods were employed by the sex traffickers portrayed in the movie to capture the yound women/children? Briefly describe the situations portrayed in the movie. 
        3. Why is sex trafficking a more lucrative business than selling guns and drugs?
        4. What stp[s sex trafficking victims from running away?
        5. List all methods of conrol used by sex traffickers to ensure the successful operation of their business.
        6. What legitimate businesses can serve as cover for sex trafficking operations and what are the clues to look for?

Note: Be certain your paper contains your full name and student number. Mail a hard copy to your professor at the address indicated below. This paper will have a total value of 100 points.

Hard copies of all assignments should be mailed to:

Dr. Leonard Territo, Distinguished Professor
Department of Criminal Justice
University Campus MC 2067
PO Box 6665
Saint Leo, FL 33574-6665