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CRJ 500: International Sex Trafficking of Women & Children: Research Assignment One - Sex Trafficking in Europe


Research Assignment One - Sex Trafficking in Europe

Your task -

You have been called upon to obtain the following information by law enforcement officials, mental health specialists, non-governmental agencies (NGOs) as well as researchers and scholars from national and international organizations who are concerned about sex trafficking of women in Europe: 

  1. Provide a detailed description of the type of persons who recruit the women for the sex trade and the pimps who exploit them.
  2. Describe the other types of criminal activity associated with sex trafficking besides prostitution. 
  3. Describe the types of women recruited for sex trafficking.
  4. Describe how the women are transported into and out of the respective countries.
  5. What methods of initiation are employed by the traffickers to get the women to cooperate and comply in becoming prostitutes?
  6. What are the demographics of the women who are trafficked, such as, race, ethnicity, age, socio-economic level, education, etc.
  7. What health and emotional issues affect women who are forced into prostitution?
  8. What laws presently exist in Europe to prosecute cases of sex trafficking?
  9. In some countries in Europe law enforcement officers are sometimes a big part of the problem. How do they contribute to the problem and what can be done to change this?
  10. What course of action can be taken to prevent sex trafficking of women from this part of the world?


*Note: The best way to approach this assignment is to thoroughly answer one question at a time.*