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CRJ 500: International Sex Trafficking of Women & Children: Course Assignments


Assignment Final Grades

Your final grade will be determined as follows:

  1. Reaction Paper to the DVD Human Trafficking - 100 points
  2. Answers to Discussion Questions - 200 points
  3. Research Paper One - Sex Trafficking in Europe - 210 points
  4. Research Paper Two - Child Sex Tourism - 210 points

                                                                 Total Maximum Points: 720

Research Assignment Two

Reseach Assignment Two - Child Sex Tourism

Your task -

 You have been called upon to obtain the following information by law enforcement officials, mental health specialists, non-governmental agencies (NGOs) as well as researchers and scholars from national and international organizations who are concerned about child sex tourism:

  1. In what parts of the world does sex trafficking and sexual exploitation of children appear to be the most common? Why?
  2. What are the psychological consequences upon the children?
  3. What types of seasoning techniques are employed by pimps to gain compliance from the children?
  4. Why are children more vulnerable than adults to physical injury as well as the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases?
  5. What impact has globalization had on child sex tourism? 
  6. What factors contribute to child sex tourism?
  7. What efforts are being made by the international community to address the problem of the sexual exploitation of children?
  8. What private companies have been formed to combat pedophiles who travel abroad?
  9. What effort has been made by some countries to attempt to halt sex trafficking of children?
  10. What types of psychological disorders are often related to child prostitution?
  11. What laws exist at both the national and international level to prevent and prosecute child sex tourism?


*Note: The best way to approach this assignment is to thoroughly answer one question at a time.*