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Explore Sociology: Welcome

This guide is designed to help students learn more about Sociology programs.

Why Sociology?

Are you a people person, a people watcher, love to figure out group dynamics and what makes people tick? Are you interested in solving social problems by advocating for social justice? Put your interests to work for you, and hone your skills into marketable career paths by studying sociology!

Did you know that most people work in a field that is different from their major? Or, that most people have more than one career path over the course of their lives? Sociology is a broad, flexible major that will help you develop skills to bring to a vast number of positions. A flexible major for a flexible work life.

Sociology graduates are highly sought by recruiters for their ability to analyze and interpret data; data analyst is a job category that is expected to grow at a much higher than average rate of 25% between 2020 and 2030, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Sociology offers excellent preparation for the fast-changing, globalized world of the 21st century, by teaching skills that are portable to a variety of careers.

Here at Saint Leo, you can either major (36 credits) or minor (18 credits) in Sociology. And within Sociology, you can also choose to specialize in either Diversity & Inequality or Applied & Clinical sociology. Or just stay with a general sociology degree.

Your ability to work with diverse populations, and your skills in collecting and analyzing data, as well as your critical thinking and writing skills, will be highly attractive to employers and will enhance your lives

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SLU Sociology Alum in the News

Read more about Marcela Kelley-Hansen - Chief Operating Officer of Inspire to Rise, a non-profit organization in the Jacksonville, Florida area.  She earned a Bachelor's in Sociology from Saint Leo University in 2012.  

Meet Tisha Arther, an Army vet who recently completed her third degree from Saint Leo University.  She earned a Bachelor's in Sociology from Saint Leo University in 2017. 

What is Sociology?

Exploring Sociology with Dr. Eileen O’Brien

Don't miss this informative presentation with Saint Leo University Professor, Dr. O'Brien!

The video is part of the Handshake App.  You will need to use your SLU username and password to access it.