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Explore Sociology: Alpha Kappa Delta: International Sociology Honor Society

This guide is designed to help students learn more about Sociology programs.

What is AKD?


AKD is the International Sociology Honor Society. You don't have to be a sociology major, if you have earned 12 credits/taken 4 courses in Sociology and meet the GPA requirements, you are eligible to become a member and partake of many member benefits—including money for travel to conferences, and even a possible bump in pay grade (AKD Members who are Civil Service employees meet one of the requirements for entrance at the GS-7 level if they list AKD membership on their applications, providing they enter at the GS-5 level). And you can join AKD regardless of your location, which means online students, campus students, center students can be members.

Contact Dr. Janis Prince, our AKD chapter representative, to apply. 

Link to AKD: