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Explore Sociology: Careers

This guide is designed to help students learn more about Sociology programs.


Sociology career options abound!

It is a flexible major for a flexible work life!


Many employers frequently seek employees who have a critical understanding of social networks, trends in social change, and data analysis. Because students majoring in sociology learn to collect and analyze information about people and social life, they typically go on to a range of careers that demands these skills, such as:

 Project analyst

 Administrator

 Researcher

 Consultant

In these capacities, a sociology background prepares one to solve social problems and create social policy, for a wide range of employers, including:

 Federal, state, and local governments

 International organizations

 Nonprofit and advocacy groups

 Educational institutions

 Social service agencies

 Research and testing services

 Law enforcement agencies

 Marketing firms

 Public relations agencies

 Real estate and other businesses

Sociology Career Panel Discussion