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Career Resources at Daniel A. Cannon Memorial Library: Home

Welcome to Career Resources LibGuide @ Daniel A. Cannon Memorial Library

Welcome to the Career Resources Guide at Daniel A. Cannon Memorial Library!


It’s Never Too Soon to Begin Working with Career Services! 


Career Services offers career assistance and resources to all campus, online and education center students, and alumni, through a variety of platforms. Students have convenient access to resources and can attend events in person or remotely. This allows those with demanding work schedules, family responsibilities and even those serving in our military to have access to the events and information. 

Career Services provides the resources and assistance to allow both traditional and non-traditional students to work towards their individual career goals. Saint Leo’s core values are intertwined in the resources; where each student can create and follow the career path best suited for them. 

Get Involved 
We offer workshops, employer events, and individual appointments to discuss the following career-related topics: 

  • Career and major exploration 
  • Employer research 
  • Networking 
  • PT and volunteer opportunities 
  • Internship preparation 
  • Resume review 
  • Professional letter writing 
  • Interview preparation 
  • Salary negotiation 
  • Using social media professionally 
  • Branding yourself 
  • Joining professional associations 
  • Finding certifications 
  • Grad school prep 
  • Job search strategies 
  • And more…. 


Whether you are a student preparing for a first career, a new career, or advancement in an existing career, you are encouraged to utilize the many resources Career Services has to offer. It’s never too soon to start! 


To contact Career Services, please visit our website at, or you can email us at .