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Career Resources at Daniel A. Cannon Memorial Library: Self-Assessment



Career Self-Assessment Resources

The Leo Great Endorsement  

  • What is Leo Great? 
  • Being Leo Great means demonstrating our Core Values in our professional lives, applying them to our career and career searches, and developing the universal skills necessary for sustained success in any career field. 
  •  What is the Leo Great endorsement & how can you get it? 
  • The Leo Great endorsement means that you have dedicated time and effort toward becoming career ready. The universal skillset that comprises career readiness is detailed below. If you complete the tasks outlined in our Objectives Guide & Self-Tracker, you will have worked toward developing these universal skills, begun an effective job search, and become Leo Great endorsed. The Leo Great Endorsement comes with periodic rewards along the journey and concludes with a letter of recommendation from the Executive Director of Career Services. 
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Type Focus 

  • “Through this program, people gain insights into themselves and use that knowledge to develop rewarding relationships, choose satisfying careers, become more effective leaders, and live healthier and happier lives.” -TypeFocus 
  • All the assessment tools in the TypeFocus site have been scientifically validated and proven over time to be what they say they are: some of the best assessment tools that can be created. This means you can trust them. 
  • TypeFocus measures three interactive concepts: personality, interests, and values. The combination of these three instruments gives unparalleled power to provide you with great insights and accurate results. 
  • The TypeFocus assessment tools have been designed to be interactive and fun as well as reliable and valid. 
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