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Career Resources at Daniel A. Cannon Memorial Library: Professional Documents

Professional Documents

Professional Documents

The Importance of Professional Correspondence

Why is professional correspondence important?  

The purpose of professional correspondence is to demonstrate your interest in the type of work required. You want to highlight personal qualities and workplace traits such as: good communication skills, teamwork, motivation, good wisdom, thoughtfulness, etc. It is your first introduction to a possible employer. Like a firm handshake, you want it to present a strong impression of who you are and what you bring to the table.  

If you carelessly communicate, even with one error, you’ve undermined all your hard work. View our Professional Correspondence Guide on Handshake for tips and guidelines to help you communicate in a polished, professional way. The Professional Correspondence Guide reviews Cover Letters, Resumes, LinkedIn Correspondence, Email Correspondence, Follow-up Correspondence, Phone Correspondence, and more!  

To connect with the Office of Career Services, please visit our website, make an appointment on Handshake, or send us an email at