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UE: SOC 110HA: McDonaldization of Society - Dr. VOK: From the reader

Guide for Soc 110HA.

What can I find here?

Scroll down the list to the right to access the readings from "McDonaldization: The Reader" that are available free of charge either on the web or through the Cannon Memorial Library. Not all chapters are available.

Please note: Chapters 1 and 2 are copied from the textbook and not included in this list.

Available through the Cannon Memorial Library

Ritzer, George. 2003. "Islands of the Living Dead: The Social Geography of McDonaldization." American Behavioral Scientist 47(2):

Nelson, Joel. 2001. "On Mass Distribution: A Case Study of Chain Stores in the Restaurant Industry." Journal of Consumer Culture 1(1):

Bryman, Alan. 2003. "McDonald's as a Disneyized Institution: Global Implications." American Behavioral Scientist 47(2):

Monaghan, Lee F. 2007. "McDonaldizing Men's Bodies? Slimming, Associated (Ir)Rationalities and Resistances." Body & Society 13(2):

Wilkinson, Gary. 2006. "McSchools for McWorld? Mediating Global Pressures with a McDonaldizing Education Policy Response." Cambridge Journal of Education 36(1):

Gamble, Jos. 2006. "Multinational Retailers in China: Proliferating 'McJobs' or Developing Skills?" Journal of Management Studies 43(7):

Morris, Carol, and Matt Reed. 2007. "From Burgers to Biodiversity? The McDonaldization of On-Farm Nature Conservation in the UK." Agriculture and Human Values 24:

Barber, Benjamin. 1992. "Jihad vs. McWorld." The Atlantic, March, 53-63:

Transnationalism, Localization, and Fast Foods in East Asia: See link to the book "Golden Arches East" under Books-McDonald's and other corporations

Caldwell, Melissa L. 2004. "Domesticating the French Fry: McDonald's and Consumerism in Moscow." Journal of Consumer Culture 4(1):

Ram, Uri. 2004. "Glocommodification: How the Global Consumes the Local-McDonald's in Israel." Current Sociology 52(1): 11-31:

Available on the Web

Holley, P.D. and D.E. Wright. 1998. "A Sociology of Rib Joints.":

A conversation with Eric Schlosser, author of Fast Food Nation:

Drane, John. From Creeds to Burgers:

The McLibel Trial Story:

Northcutt, Wayne. 2003. "José Bové vs. McDonald's: The Making of a National Hero in the French Anti-Globalization Movement." Proceedings of the Western Society for French History:;view=fulltext

Van der Muelen, Hielke. 2008. "The Emergence of Slow Food: Social Entrepreneurship, Local Foods, and the Piedmont Gastronomy Cluster." :