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HTY/POL 301 Career Prep and HTY 339: Historiographical Essays and HTY 499/POL 499 Senior Seminar: "Particular articles, books, and other scholarly pieces ...."

Readings in History

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Example of Scholarly Conversation or Scholarship as Conversation?
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Bibliographies: 0 votes (0%)
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Face to Face or Online Conferences: 0 votes (0%)
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Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles: 10 votes (100%)
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Essays: 9 votes (100%)
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Secondary Source Books/Ebooks: 8 votes (100%)
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Book on History Research Process

Doing Research is Engaging in Scholary Conversation

What is Scholarly Conversation?

Any time you do research, you are joining a scholarly conversation. Scholarly conversation is the existing publications, conferences, online discussions, and more surrounding a particular topic. Most often when we talk about scholarly conversation, it refers to published material such as books, essay collections, or journal articles. For whatever research topic you chose to write about, there is already a scholarly conversation going on about that topic. Your job as the researcher is to enter into that conversation by doing research to find out what the scholars are saying. This will involve searching the Catalog and Library Databases for books and articles. Then, you will lend your own voice to the conversation by crafting your own argument about the text.