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Lexis Nexis - limited to Newest to Oldest AND Moscow News

America's Putin envy
Moscow News, October 8, 2013 Tuesday, POTEMKIN TALES, 654 words
Putin's 'We'll see' plan
Moscow News, September 23, 2013 Monday, POTEMKIN TALES, 766 words
Will the real Vladimir Putin please stand up?
Moscow News, May 10, 2012 Thursday, POLITICS, 1736 words
Can Putin change his spots?
Moscow News, March 1, 2012 Thursday, POLITICS, 776 words
The presidential debates are absurd
Moscow News, February 13, 2012 Monday, POLITICS, 659 words
Putin rejects rerun vote
Moscow News, December 15, 2011 Thursday, POLITICS, 1222 words
Putin rallies the troops
Moscow News, November 28, 2011 Monday, POLITICS, 508 words
Putin's De Gaulle moment
Moscow News, November 14, 2011 Monday, BLOGS, 365 words
Medvedev backs Putin for Russian president
Moscow News, September 24, 2011 Saturday, RUSSIA, 371 words
Putin for President - Medvedev
Moscow News, September 24, 2011 Saturday, POLITICS, 490 words
A wish list for Santa Putin
Moscow News, December 8, 2009 Tuesday, NEWS, 678 words
Unwrapping the Putin enigma
Moscow News, August 3, 2009 Monday, NEWS, 2128 words
Putin Named Party Chairman
Moscow News, April 17, 2008 Thursday, NEWS, 645 words

Lexis Nexis - limited to Newest to Oldest

Western attacks on Putin target Russia
Global Times (China), January 29, 2016 Friday, 598 words, Global Times
Is Vladimir Putin secretly the world's richest man?; Some claim Putin is actually Russia's Tsar with an estimated wealth of £140bn, January 27, 2016 Wednesday 8:14 AM GMT, NEWS,WORLD NEWS, 1443 words, By Emily Retter
Abramovich's £25m yacht the jewel in Putin's secret wealth; Americans accuse Russian president of corruption by favouring friends to build private fortune
The Daily Telegraph (London), January 26, 2016 Tuesday, NEWS; Pg. 13, 530 words, Roland Oliphant
Vladimir Putin publicly accused of corruption by US government official; A former Russian insider claims Putin was given a $35m yacht by Roman Abramovich while BBC's Panorama was told the US has known about Putin for 'many, many years', January 25, 2016 Monday 6:08 PM GMT, NEWS,UK NEWS, 573 words, By mirror
'Not once has Vladmir Putin expressed any regret for Alexander Litvinenko' says the man who knows him; Putin was in Helsinki the day of Litvinenko 's death and remarked merely that "the death of a human being is always a tragedy", January 21, 2016 Thursday 9:59 PM GMT, NEWS,UK NEWS, 659 words, By Angus Roxburgh
Tantalizing peek into Putin's family secrets Rumors fly about daughters, new wife of Russian president
The New York Post, December 27, 2015 Sunday, All Editions; Pg. 25, 1164 words, MICHAEL KAPLAN
Tampa Bay Times, December 20, 2015 Sunday, POLITIFACT; Pg. 0, 1036 words, LAUREN CARROLL
A chess master's slap at the moves of Putin and the West
The Washington Post, December 20, 2015 Sunday, OUTLOOK; Pg. B06, 1650 words, Jill Dougherty
Putin-Trump: More the 'odd men out' club than a bromance?; Russian President Vladimir Putin and GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump had high praise for each other this week.
The Christian Science Monitor, December 18, 2015 Friday, USA, 791 words, Howard LaFranchi Staff writer
Vlad s Donald Putin hails leader in GOP field
The New York Post, December 18, 2015 Friday, Sports+Late City Final; Pg. 16, 366 words, Geoff Earle
Putin: Clever, calculating and coldblooded
Star Tribune (Minneapolis, MN), November 1, 2015 Sunday, VARIETY; Pg. 9E, 495 words, GLENN C. ALTSCHULER, STAR TRIBUNE (Mpls.-St. Paul)
Standing up to Putin a campaign necessity; Trudeau assures Canadians he'll handle the 'bully'
Windsor Star (Ontario), October 14, 2015 Wednesday, CANADA; Pg. N5, 626 words, Tristin Hopper, National Post
Trudeau faces the 'Putin Test'
The Leader-Post (Regina, Saskatchewan), October 14, 2015 Wednesday, NEWS; Pg. B5, 635 words, Tristin Hopper, National Post
Standing up to Putin a campaign necessity; Trudeau assures Canadians he'll handle the 'bully'
Edmonton Journal (Alberta), October 14, 2015 Wednesday, CANADA; Pg. N5, 628 words, Tristin Hopper, Edmonton Journal
Trudeau faces the 'putin test'; Handling autocrat mark of leadership
The Star Phoenix (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan), October 14, 2015 Wednesday, LOCAL; Pg. A1 , 635 words, Tristin Hopper, National Post
Trudeau faces the 'Putin Test'
National Post (f/k/a The Financial Post) (Canada), October 14, 2015 Wednesday, CANADA; Pg. A1 , 652 words, Tristin Hopper, National Post
Trudeau faces the 'Putin Test'
National Post (f/k/a The Financial Post) (Canada), October 14, 2015 Wednesday, NEWS; Pg. A1 , 649 words, Tristin Hopper, National Post
Trudeau faces the 'Putin Test'
The Calgary Herald (Alberta), October 14, 2015 Wednesday, NEWS; Pg. B3, 602 words, Tristin Hopper, National Post
Trudeau faces the 'Putin Test'
The Gazette (Montreal), October 14, 2015 Wednesday, NEWS; Pg. A12, 603 words, TRISTIN HOPPER, National Post
Putin's Birthday Gift: N.H.L. Veterans and an Open Net
The New York Times, October 8, 2015 Thursday, Section A; Column 0; Foreign Desk; Pg. 4, 518 words, By ANDREW E. KRAMER
Putin spends his birthday playing hockey with NHL
The Times & Transcript (New Brunswick), October 8, 2015 Thursday, INTERNATIONAL; Pg. B7, 231 words
Putin turns 63 with NHL stars
Dayton Daily News (Ohio), October 8, 2015 Thursday, ; Pg. A2, 206 words, By Nataliya Vasilyeva
Putin moves Russia into world attention
Gulf News (United Arab Emirates), October 8, 2015 Thursday, 786 words, Joseph A. Kechichian | Senior Writer
'The New Tsar' traces the 'rise and reign' of Vladimir Putin; New York Times correspondent Steven Lee Myers coherently, comprehensively, and evenhandedly tells the story of how Putin came to rule Russia.
The Christian Science Monitor, September 30, 2015 Wednesday, Books, 1142 words, Bob Blaisdell
Vladimir Putin calls Sir Elton John - and asks him not to be offended by pranksters; A spokesperson for the Russian president has confirmed that John and Putin have talked on the phone, September 24, 2015 Thursday 4:09 AM GMT, CELEBRITY NEWS, 356 words, Emma Powell

Lexis Nexis - Relevance Ranking

Putin: Ever-changing and powerful leader
China Daily, May 20, 2014 Tuesday, 1628 words
Vodka, Erotic Dreams and One-Liners
The Moscow Times, March 11, 2008 Tuesday, 2300 words, Kevin O'Flynn, Staff Writer
My Week Vladimir Putin*
The Times (London), September 5, 2015 Saturday, NEWS; Pg. 37, 526 words
China's Putin fever
Global Times (China), July 3, 2014 Thursday, 1594 words, Global Times
What the Papers Say (Russia), December 7, 2011 Wednesday, PRESS EXTRACTS;, 494 words, Lilia Biryukova
What the Papers Say Weekly Review (Russia), October 13, 2008 Monday, PRESS EXTRACTS;, 984 words, Afanasy Sborov
Medvedev, Putin cartoon features again in Russian TV New Year show
BBC Monitoring Former Soviet Union - Political Supplied by BBC Worldwide Monitoring, January 1, 2011 Saturday, 1111 words
Russia; Putin Names Medvedev as His Successor; Other Development
Facts on File World News Digest, December 13, 2007, Pg. 830A3, 509 words
Putin's rules
The Washington Post, March 21, 2014 Friday, EDITORIAL COPY; Pg. A17, 832 words, Garry Kasparov
President's Namesake an Italian 'Little Baby'
Moscow Times, April 11, 2005, No. 3143, 1166 words, Francesca Mereu
Putin put in picture early; Russia's acting president had advance notice of Yeltsin's resignation
Hamilton Spectator (Ontario, Canada), January 5, 2000 Wednesday Final Edition, NEWS; Pg. D10, 627 words, David Hoffman
Russian state TV chronicles the period of Putin's presidency
BBC Monitoring Former Soviet Union - Political Supplied by BBC Worldwide Monitoring, May 4, 2008 Sunday, 1543 words
DEFENSE and SECURITY (Russia), March 27, 2015 Friday, SECURITY;, 1541 words, Mikhail Zubov
What the Papers Say (Russia), March 26, 2015 Thursday, PRESS EXTRACTS;, 1543 words, Mikhail Zubov
What the Papers Say (Russia), February 27, 2012 Monday, PRESS EXTRACTS;, 850 words, Nikolai Zlobin
PERSONAL ELECTIONS; Putin admits that a vote for United Russia is a vote of confidence in him
What the Papers Say Part B (Russia), November 14, 2007 Wednesday, PRESS EXTRACTS;, 588 words, Anna Nikolayeva
What the Papers Say Part A (Russia), December 7, 2006 Thursday, PRESS EXTRACTS;, 1232 words, Valentina Oberemko
What the Papers Say (Russia), December 16, 2011 Friday, PRESS EXTRACTS;, 910 words, Yulia Taratuta, Lilia Biryukova, Anastasia Kornya
Lion in his lair
Al-Ahram Weekly, March 11, 2012, 1855 words
The Washington Post, Yeltsin Plea: 'Take Care of Russia', David Hoffman, Washington Post Foreign Service, January 5, 2000, Wednesday, Final Edition, A SECTION; Pg. A17, 632 words
Programme summary of Russian Channel One TV "Vremya" news 1800 gmt 18 Aug 15
BBC Monitoring Former Soviet Union - Political Supplied by BBC Worldwide Monitoring, August 18, 2015 Tuesday, 714 words
Vladimir Putin question and answer session in Russia - live updates, December 15, 2011 Thursday, 2567 words, Luke
Personality clashes , November 14, 2008, 591 words
What the Papers Say (Russia), July 28, 2009 Tuesday, PRESS EXTRACTS;, 727 words, Victor Khamrayev
RECIPROCAL APPOINTMENT; Dmitri Medvedev offers Vladimir Putin the post of prime minister
What the Papers Say Part B (Russia), December 12, 2007 Wednesday, PRESS EXTRACTS;, 1057 words, Ivan Rodin, Natalia Kostenko, Vladimir Razuvayev Jr.