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UE: HUM 110: Giants of the Arts: Module 5

Giants of the Arts will examine a select group of artists who, through the test of time, have been recognized as true masters; whose works advanced their art form(s), who became a significant influence within their field(s), and who continue to influence

Module 5

The Fine Arts: Michelangelo

Aim of the Module

To explore some of the major genres and modes of the visual arts, based on a general premise that the instinct to create such art grows out of the love of imitation and that much art can be appreciated relative to the kind of imitation it reflects.


Chapter 5: Art


The Fine Arts: Michelangelo

The chapter offers an overview of the visual arts: painting, sculpture, architecture, photography; however, we will focus on the artwork of Michelangelo.

Khan Academy: Michelangelo

Khan Academy: Sistine Pieta

Michelangelo's David